Getting there

How to find your way to us

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By car

Stover Strand Holiday Park is easy to drive to on the A39 from the south or the A25 from the north. When you reach Stover, turn into Straße Stover Strand and drive all the way along to the roundabout at the end. You will drive past a small campsite before you reach us. Our holiday park is at the very end of the approach road. It’s situated in a tranquil setting right on the water. Follow the signs for Camping Stover Strand.

We’re situated on the southern banks of the River Elbe, where the three states of Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein meet. It takes only 30 minutes to drive from here to Hamburg, Lüneburg or Lauenburg. The Baltic Sea is 100 km away.

Coming from the south:

When you reach Maschen on the A7, turn onto the A39, and at Handorf come off the autobahn onto the B404. When you reach Rönne and before crossing the Elbe, turn off the B404 towards Stover. In Stover, follow the signs and turn off along the access road, which you follow to the end.

Coming from the west:

Coming along the A1, turn onto the A7, and at Maschen turn onto the A39. The rest of the journey is the same as when you come from the south.

Coming from the north:

Take the A25 until you reach Geesthacht, then turn off onto the B404 towards Lüneburg. After just a few kilometres you will cross the Elbe, then turn off straight away towards Drage. Drive through Rönne, Schwinde and Stove. There, follow the signs and turn off along the access road, which you follow to the end.

Coming from the east:

Take the A24 and when you reach Schwarzenbeck, turn off towards Geesthacht. When you reach it, turn onto the B404. After that, follow the route described for coming from the north.

By bus

Buses go from Hamburg towards Geesthacht and Rönne. Simply generate your own timetable using the HVV timetable information service for Greater Hamburg.

If you are in reasonable shape you can walk all the way from Rönne, otherwise take a connecting bus or call the collective taxi which is subsidised by the Elbmarsch community (tel.: +49 (0)4177-719917). This bus goes from Winsen to within 150 m of our park.

By boat

If you have your own boat, you can moor it at our marina on the River Elbe. Passenger boats also dock here on special occasions and take people all the way to Hamburg Harbour.

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