Our lovingly designed Beach-Caravans stand in a semicircle on the banks of the Elbe and offer a great view of the water. All large retro pearls are equipped with a double bed and a bunk bed for 2 adults and 2 children, the small ones are only for 2 people with a double bed. In addition, all have cooking facilities, refrigerator, cutlery, crockery and duvets, as well as an individual outdoor area with seating area, awning and evening lights glowing. You can cook either in the caravan or in our cool outdoor kitchen with gas grill, induction plates and a view of the Elbe. For children, two wooden horses and a locomotive train are available for gymnastics. A separate stretch of sand for digging, bathing and chilling is almost right on your doorstep. Towels, bed linen and WiFi are already included in the price.

Futher information about the different Beach-Caravans with photos and other useful information can be found at www.elbe-glamping.de 


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