River Elbe landscape

Pure relaxation on the Elbe fenlands

Pure relaxation on the Elbe fenlands

Many people think of the River Elbe as little more than an economically significant waterway which carries great shiploads of goods into Hamburg Harbour. But the Elbe is much more than that. Where Hamburg ends, a breathtaking riverscape begins. Locals use it to unwind after a busy day in the city, and holidaymakers come from far and wide to enjoy the tranquillity and beauty of the riverscape.

Exploring the river by bicycle

The landscape of the River Elbe includes typical river and meadow features as well as natural habitats, all within a centuries-old cultural landscape. It’s the ideal recreational area for excursions, walking, and especially for cycling. Numerous well-signed cycleways follow the River Elbe for miles on either side. Ask at our reception for our cycleway maps. And if you don’t have your own bicycle you can simply rent one from us.

Boat tours on the River Elbe

If you would prefer to get to know the Elbe from the water, you can hop aboard one of the numerous themed boat trips. Take a look at the boat tours we offer, which depart from the pier at Stover Strand Marina.

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