Bicycle hire

Stover Strand Holiday Park has a well-equipped bicycle hire service where you can rent out bicycles for young and old.

Price for: Euro
Bicycle/day 7,00
Bicycle/half day 5,00
E-bike/day 20,00
E-bike/half day 10,00

The free Elbe Bicycle Shuttle

The ‘Elb-Shuttle’, a free leisure bus service, stops right outside Stover Strand and it can take bicycles on its trailer. This service provides comfortable, green transport to the recreational areas in Winsen’s Elbe fenlands.

The Elb-Shuttle runs from May to October on a circuit around the Elbe fenlands, stopping at 30 different places where passengers can climb on and off as they like. This excellent service is especially popular among day-trippers and campers.

 You will find further information and departure times here.

Perfect cycling country

It would be almost impossible to list all the cycle tours and bicycle excursions round and about Stover Strand Holiday Park. The possibilities are simply endless. But here are two options we would like to mention to you that might make the decision easier.

The ‘Elberadweg’ (Elbe Cycleway) is one of Europe’s loveliest and most varied cycleways. It extends a full 1260 kilometres from the North Sea all the way to the Czech border and passes right by Stover Strand Holiday Park. According to the latest survey by the General German Cycling Club (ADFC), the Elberadweg is Germany’s most popular long-distance cycle path by far – for the tenth year in a row. Whether you wish for a day’s outing or a longer tour, you’ll love the Elberadweg. You will find further information here.

The second attraction we would like to tell you about is the ‘Deutsche Storchenstraße’, a recreational route through the area of Germany with the largest population of storks. With so many sights on either side of the route and with all the day-tripper’s cafés and restaurants along the way offering regional dishes, this route is a wonderful experience not to be missed. You will find detailed information, suggested outings and recommended stop-off points here.

Feel free to ask at reception for more advice and for cycling maps of the surrounding area.